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Turnkey ASIC
Turnkey ASIC

With strong ASIC design capability and experiences, Joinsilicon is focusing on 28nm and further technology node, providing ASIC turnkey solutions. JoinSilicon delivers flawlessly on schedule, performance and cost. We provide fully turnkey NPI and production management for our ASIC product, including package design, ATE test design / development, and product engineering /qualification/characterization.

IC Design Service
IC Design Service

Joinsilicon and partner’s design service team own long supported front-end and back-end design services (RTL design, verification, back-end design, DFT, package design and simulation, etc.) of 28nm-5nm chips from domestic and foreign first-line manufacturers providing SoC design services to System and Chip companies. Whether it is a concept on a piece of paper or a fully documented specification, team will be able to assist customers in taking an idea to silicon.

Complex Package Design & CP/FT/SLT
Complex Package Design & CP/FT/SLT

JoinSilicon owns strong complex packaging design and simulation experience, including wirebond SIP, multi die FCBGA, 2.5D packaging, etc., we cooperate with top global suppliers to provide end-to-end sealing test solutions, which can achieve fast and effective services and excellent rate control. We also own rich RF/Memory KGD resources, which help customers to connect and manage the sealed supply chain resources, and realize success  mass production

IP integration and customization design
IP integration and customization design

Joinsilicon owns a wide range of IP partners and rich IP integration and verification capabilities, support your products regardless of wherever your IP comes from, further more we can do customize design if there’s special request.

System/Embedded Software Design & Validation
System/Embedded Software Design & Validation

JoinSilicon and partners own rich and experience in system design and validation, embedded software development spanning across various industry such as consumer, medical, industrial, mobile, automotive, IoT, media and entertainment. And we can assist at all stages of product development

Chip Customize Design
Chip Customize Design

With a mature SOC and ASIC design team, Joinsilicon will be focus on the advantage in ASIC design for automotive, industrial and other scenarios, and build spec in customized chiplet and ASIC around the future needs of customers.

About Us

JoinSilicon is a world class Product Engineering Company that provides custom products and solutions for the semiconductor industry. Our large pool of well-trained engineers can support from Application Software to Transistor Level Layout in advance technology nodes including 6nm. Customers take advantage of our extensive experience in co-developing hardware and software under one roof to translate their ideas into real products. Our turnkey ASIC engagement model allows our customers to rely on warranties provided on work performed. With the experience of shipping millions of production worthy silicon to customers, JoinSilicon, is your trusted partner to deliver designs on time with the quality you expect.
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We Own Complex SoC Design Capability



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